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Eating Disorder Awareness, Children's Miracle Network, Phoenix Children's Hospital,
The Andy Hull Sunshine Foundation, and more.

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I established S.T.E.P.S. Recovery in December of 2018 and since that day I have been treating people across the country for eating disorders and body image issues. I also direct the Arizona National Eating Disorder Association Walk. 

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Supporting CMNH at Phoenix Children's Hospital

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I have volunteered hundreds of hours and raised over $5,000 for Phoenix Children's Hospitals in my past three years as a community ambassador. Some of my favorite days are spent in the hospital rooms of these tiny fighters sharing smiles and laughs.  

Andy Hull Sunshine Foundation

President of the Andy Hull Sunshine Foundation

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The Andy Hull Sunshine Foundation promotes a 'You Matter' message across the country. The overall goal of the foundation is to raise awareness about suicide. My role as president is to speak to crowds of thousands as well as take care of some of the behind the scenes operations aspects of the nonprofit. 

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